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Want to self-publish but don't where to start? Looking to further your writing career? Need feedback on what your next steps are?

We can help!

Schedule a Skype session or face-to-face meeting with USA Today Bestselling author Samantha Holt. Samantha is a top 10 Amazon bestseller, top 100 historical romance author on Amazon and six figure earner. With experience in marketing and nearly ten years in the publishing industry, she can hold your hand no matter what stage you are at in your career.

Whether you need help to start self publishing, aren't sure what your next steps are or are feeling frustrated with not being able to break through your earnings ceiling, we can help.

What should I do next?

Contact us below to schedule a meeting. Meetings can be held via Skype or Facebook video chat. You can also schedule an in-person meeting if you're based in the Midlands, UK!

What do I get from a consultation?

Consultations are one hour--online or an in-person meeting. You'll receive an email consultation prior to the meeting so we can ensure we cover everything that is important to you. Afterwards, you'll receive up to two weeks email support if you have further questions or need help and a brief run down of everything we discussed in PDF format plus useful links. 

How much will it cost?

A standard online consultation is $100. In person meetings are charged at $100 plus travel costs and can be local to you in a favourite coffee shop or meeting place of your choice. 

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